CX3 Modular Contactor

Modular DB Contactor from 16A to 63A

  • Conform to IEC/EN 61095
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 4 kV
  • Mechanical endurance (no. of operating cycles): 106 cycles
  • Operating temperatures: – 25 °C to + 40 °C
  • Storage temperatures: – 40 °C to + 70 °C
  • Compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC of 27/01/03 known as “RoHS” which provides for a restriction on the use of dangerous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) brominated flame retardants from 1st July 2006
  • Compliance with the Directive 91/338/EEC of 18/06/91 and decree 94-647 of 27/07/04DMX3 ACBs UP TO 6 300 A | EFFICIENT PROTECTION AND CONTROL FOR ALL TYPE OF BUILDINGS
Part numberDescription
412400CX3 LR 230V 1NO 16A NOISELESS
412401CX3 LR 230V 1NO 16A DELAYED
412404CX3 LR 12V 1NO 16A
412405CX3 LR 24V 1NO 16A
412408CX3 LR 230V 1NO 16A
412410CX3 LR 24V 2NO 16A
412411CX3 LR 48V 2NO 16A
412412CX3 LR 230V 2NO 16A
412414CX3 LR 24V 4NO 16A
412416CX3 LR 230V 4NO 16A
412429CX3 COS FOR LR AND CT 1M 25A
412430CX3 COS FOR CT 2M 25A
412431CX3 COS FOR CT 40A 63A
412433CX3 CC FOR LR 24V 48V
412434CX3 CC FOR LR 230V
412500CX3 CT OFF PEAK 230V NC+NO 25A
412503CX3 CT 24V NC+NO 16A
412505CX3 CT 24V NO 25A
412509CX3 CT 24V 2NC+2NO 25A
412510CX3 CT 24V 4NO 25A
412514CX3 CT 24V 2NO 25A HANDLE
412515CX3 CT 24V 2NO 40A HANDLE
412516CX3 CT 24V 2NO 63A HANDLE
412517CX3 CT 24V 4NO 25A HANDLE
412518CX3 CT 24V 4NO 40A HANDLE
412519CX3 CT 24V 4NO 63A HANDLE
412521CX3 CT 230V O+F 16A
412523CX3 CT 230V 2NO 25A
412524CX3 CT 230V 2NC 25A
412527CX3 CT 230V 2NO 63A
412533CX3 CT 230V 2NC+2NO 25A
412535CX3 CT 230V 4NO 25A
412536CX3 CT 230V 4NC 25A
412541CX3 CT 230V 4NO 63A
412544CX3 CT 230V 2NO 25A HANDLE
412545CX3 CT 230V 2NO 40A HANDLE
412547CX3 CT 230V 2NO 63A HANDLE
412548CX3 CT 230V 2NC 63A HANDLE
412549CX3 CT 230V 3NO 40A HANDLE
412550CX3 CT 230V 3NO 63A HANDLE
412551CX3 CT 230V 4NO 25A HANDLE
412553CX3 CT 230V 4NO 40A HANDLE
412556CX3 CT 230V 4NO 63A HANDLE
412557CX3 CT 230V 4NC 63A HANDLE
412558CX3 CT 230V 2NO 25A NOISELESS
412559CX3 CT 230V 2NO 40A NOISELESS
412560CX3 CT 230V 2NO 63A NOISELESS
412561CX3 CT 230V 4NO 25A NOISELESS
412562CX3 CT 230V 4NO 40A NOISELESS
412563CX3 CT 230V 4NO 63A NOISELESS